Volunteer with Indiana Equality Action!

Get involved with the fight for equality across the state! Our corps of volunteers is central to accomplishing IEA’s mission. They speak out in their communities regarding their lives and why equal rights are imperative. Volunteers also contribute to IEA in the form of outreach and canvassing. These activities are central to accomplishing IEA’s mission of achieving equality for all LGBT Hoosiers and defeating HJR-6.  We make history – Join us!

As an IEA volunteer, you can:

  • Connect with like-minded people and leaders in the LGBT community and in Indiana
  • Increase visibility of issues that affect the LGBT and allied communities
  • Raise awareness and expand rights for Indiana’s LGBT community
  • Help IEA identify and educate Hoosiers about the issues that affect the LGBT community
  • Join our speakers’ bureau to speak to the media about why equal rights are important

How to Become an IEA Volunteer

  1. Fill out our Indiana Equality Action Volunteer Application
  2. E-mail it to volunteer@indianaequalityaction.org

Want to Start Volunteering Today?

Hold an Indiana Equality Action House Party and help raise the needed funds to keep fighting for LGBT rights in Indiana.

The goals of a house party are three-fold:

  1. To raise money.
  2. To help IEA build a network of fair-minded Hoosiers who will volunteer in the future.
  3. To educate people who are still undecided about this issue.

What Do I Do?

Having a house party is easy. As the host, we ask you to invite EVERY person you know to your party. At this event, people will have a chance to learn more about IEA and our fight to advance civil rights and oppose the proposed marriage discrimination amendment. They will have an opportunity to ask questions, express their opinions, and donate money to IEA to help the cause. The rest of the party details are up to you!

WE’LL PROVIDE PERSONAL SUPPORT FOR YOU. We’ll help line up a guest speaker and provide personalized invitations and educational brochures for you.

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information and assistance on putting together a house party of other fundraising events for Indiana Equality Action, e-mail us at info@indianaequalityaction.org or by phone at 888.567.0750.