Silent No More: Voices from Our Community

LGBT Christians from Indianapolis discuss love, faith, family, and respect in this video from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church “ReachOut” fellowship group.

Love Makes a Family

This year, over 18 million people saw Zach Wahls defend marriage equality on behalf of his family in front of the Iowa Legislature.

This month, thousands of families submitted photos, joining Zach and his family in sending out this simple holiday greeting…..and creating this video and online campaign called “Love Makes a Family.”

See more of the photos here:

Out Congress Members Tell Youth ‘It Gets Better’

The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus has released a powerful “It Gets Better” video. All are openly gay members of congress, a strong message in itself. Each of the lawmakers uses details from his or her personal coming out experience to tell young LGBT people that they aren’t alone.

Gay Discrimination in Employment Overview

Learn the story of one man who was fired because of his sexual orientation as well as how progressive companies are protecting their LGBT employees while waiting for state and federal protections.

Officer Michael Carney talks about being denied reinstatement

Michael Carney was denied reinstatement as a police officer in Springfield, Massachusetts because he told his supervisors that he was gay.

Transgender Employment Discrimination

Vandy Beth Glenn was fired from her Georgia state legislative job when she told her supervisor she was transitioning from male to female. She testified at a hearing regarding H.R. 3017, Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 on September 23, 2009

Stats on LGBT Employment Discrimination

Jeff Krehely discusses the discrimination LGBT individuals face in the workplace, and how we can provide better protections for these workers.

Marriage Equality: It’s Time

Check out this video called “It’s Time” from Australian same-sex marriage advocacy group GetUp! Action for Australia which depicts two men enjoying romantic dates and dealing with family crises before a proposal and the subsequent nuptials.

President of Indiana Equality Action Speaks about the Indiana Marriage Discrimination Amendment (HJR-6)

An interview with Rick Sutton, President of Indiana Equality Action, about the impact of HJR-6 – the proposed Indiana Marriage Discrimination Amendment.