In order to win a battle, it is important to understand the way your foe thinks.

Equality has many strong foes in Indiana (and nationally) determined to make LGBT Hoosiers into second-class citizens.  Many of these local groups are, in fact, supported by deep-pocketed national organizations.  Some are empowered by religious beliefs while others are emboldened by pure hate.

View a Sample of the Hate Speech from Our Opponents

Indiana Equality Action actively tracks those who oppose equality.  Take a look at some of the propoganda produced by those who oppose rights for LGBT Hoosiers.

(We label this material “Viewer Discretion Advised” since the hateful slant presented by these groups may not be suitable for all audiences)

  • Viewer Discretion Advised – October 1, 2011
  • Viewer Discretion Advised – September 9, 2011
  • Viewer Discretion Advised – August 28, 2011

Equality Opponents

A few of the groups that oppose equality for LGBT citizens include the following:
(If you see a group that should be added to our watch-list please contact us.)

National Anti-LGBT Organizations

  • Focus on the Family
  • National Organization for Marriage read more at RightWingWatch and at NOM Exposed
  • Defend DOMA
  • True Tolerance
  • Advance America

Hoosier Anti-LGBT Organizations

  • Indiana Family Institute read more about them at RightWingWatch 
  • Veritas Rex
  • Family Research Council and their 10 Top reasons against marriage